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Custom Home Assistant card which integrates plex into Home Assistant and makes it possible to launch movies or tv shows on TV with a simple click.

Supported are ALL Plex clients, some even with enhanced functionality. Kodi with PlexKodiConnect, Android TV, VLC via Telnet, Sonos and Google Cast is also supported.

Video of the card:

Youtube video

More images at the end of the readme.

Important notice

If you are using Home Assistant via HTTPS, you need to specify port https for Plex and have Plex available on https connection with a valid and working certificate.


  • Install Plex Meets Home Assistant from HACS.
  • Reload browser, clear cache as usual
  • Create a new Home Assistant tab, turn on panel mode
  • Add a card by clicking Add Card in your lovelace edit mode and finding "Custom: Plex Meets Home Assistant"


You can use UI to configure your card which will automatically load up your libraries and entities. If you wish, you can use card code to configure everything manually. See Detailed Configuration if you wish to see a lot more information about every property of the card.

Supported target devices are all entities from integrations Android TV, Kodi, Google Cast and any other Plex player available for casting through Plex web interface.

Regarding "all other plex players" without entities

In order for devices which do not have entities to be detected, they need to have plex app running when configuring the card or trying to play content.

If you are trying to play content on a local device from a remote Plex server or trying to play local Plex content on a remote device, you need to configure identifier and server for this device. This can only be done manually through card code configuration. See Detailed Configuration - All other plex clients. You can still use UI to edit anything else except entities while manually using plexPlayer key in entities.

Configuration via UI

Quick guides:

Ask for help or help development

Join Discord or Home Assistant Community.


View without hover

View with hover

Expanded movie view

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Author is in no way affiliated with Kodi, Plex, Roku, Android TV, Google or any other companies mentioned above.

Author does not guarantee functionality of this card and is not responsible for any damage.

All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks in this repository, are property of their respective owners.

This card provides user interface for navigating plex library and playing plex content on users devices. It does not host any content on its own and does not provide any plex server.